Michelle at home with the Coton de Tulears.

Michelle Sleight

I’m a Survivor. I didn’t start out that way. I’ve spent many years as a Victim, living but dead. Sadly, I had NO idea. I didn’t perceive myself as a Victim. First reaction as a Victim, put up walls and never be a Victim again. This imprisoned me. I existed through the eyes and mind of a Victim.

Being sexually assaulted multiple times spanning the first 32-years of my life weren’t the only challenges I’ve faced. 1997 I set a legal precedent around sexual assault trauma. I’ve overcome a motor vehicle injury and learnt how to live with a permanent work-related chronic pain disability. Motherhood also bought challenges and learning curves while raising two gifted children.

Although my life has been difficult at times, I don’t see my story as sad. Instead, I share it as an inspirational tool to help others realise, they are free to live whatever life they choose despite the roadblocks. I transformed from a Victim to a Survivor, and I’m no one special. If I can, anyone can.